Are You A Note Buyer?

If your not a note buyer...You should be! We believe the note business is the single best way to participate in the real estate business as a passive or active investor. There are so many more options and exit strategies available to note owners compared to being a traditional rental property owner. We like to say "You get the income, without the tenants clogged toilets and  2am phone calls". You have to ask yourself why the Banks are in the "rental money business" and not in the "rental property business"? 

We spend a lot of time networking and developing relationships with people in all aspects of this industry. Some do rehab's, some fix and flip, some just buy and sell notes, others are loan servicing companies, and Hedge Funds that buy thousands of notes at a time. As a result we are continually building our network of contacts that are ready, willing and able note and asset buyers and sellers that we can work with to acquire, develop, and execute any note/asset acquisition, disposition strategy, or opportunity that presents itself. We invite you to join with us, and lets find out how we can work together toward a mutual benefit.

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