Are You A Note Seller?

Surprisingly, sometimes folks don't even realize they are Sellers. I guess what I'm saying is...There are times when people have an under performing asset, a note, vacant rental, inherited a property, or own a property they can't sell because it needs repairs etc., and they may not have the  financial resources, or experience to complete a desired outcome. Many times after talking with us, and explaining their situation, we may have a viable solution, either though a joint venture, a purchase or other outcome. Folks should always consider these options...We are more then buyer's. We have experience and resources. We are problem solvers! 

Main Reasons To Consider Selling Us Your Note/Asset:

  1. Non-Performing: If you own a note and the borrower is slow paying or in default, or God forbid has even abandoned the property. You can't, or don't want to put up the finances to make the repairs or hire an attorney and foreclose.  We are  prepared to find a solution for you. Again, we can Joint Venture or purchase the note outright. Recently I heard that a note seller sold his note because the borrower was a family member, and they were not paying as agreed. And rather than create a rift in the family, they sold the note! Amazing how something so obvious can be so wise. 
  2. Inherited Property/Health: If you or a family member have health problems, or have experienced a death in the family, you may now have the responsibility of managing property you were not prepared for, it could be the distance, it's vacant, or cost of repairs needed, or just the emotional burden.  Again these are the areas where we may have a solution. We can share a wealth of experience and find a strategy that benefits your situation. 
  3. Distressed/Vacant Property:  If you own the note or the asset, there is nothing that effects the value of property, or a neighborhood more then a vacant house, or one in disrepair. The longer its vacant, or in disrepair, the lower its value due to lack of maintenance, weather damage, possible arson, vandalism, stripping of copper or appliances, and age. We can design and arrange an exit strategy, and you can use the proceeds for what you want, Joint Venture with us, or even create a income producing note for income or to simultaneously sell to us! 

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